Job vacancy

For Government of Nepal Accredited (MNC) Institution
All the information required by the staff is as follows.
📘Eligibility: -SEE (SLC) + 2ABOVE

💵 Earnings: -10500 to 15000 training period after training up to 25000 above.

🌎️Location: -butwal-11, Devinagar, Rupandehi Nepal

☎️ Contact: -9866585128/9811633497

Some benefits other than salary
1) There will be no service charge for our collaboration in this organization

2) If we work together in a better and different way than others, the work will be evaluated and promoted.

3) Facilities will also be provided for eating and living depending on the situation.

4) Life insurance will be provided while working in the organization. There is also a facility of relief fund.

6) We have not made any fake post. And it’s not a time center. This vacancy has been posted as we need staff for the new office of our own organization.

Note: -If you are looking for a job, or if you are looking for a job for a relative.

Write Yes or interested in 👉️COMENT. We will give you feedback. Thank you

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